How to get a refund?

We have a very friendly refund policy. If you're not happy with your purchase, don't like the products ordered or experience some other issue, just let us know and we'll issue a refund for your purchase, no questions asked (although any feedback would be appreciated).

To request a refund, send us a private message here on feedback forum and specify following info:

1) Order ID

2) Name or email used during purchase

Note that we are able to issue partial refunds if you're not satisfied only with some products in your order. In that case, please mention these products in your request. Also, if you're not happy with one product, but interested in another, we can arrange a replacement (it's quicker than placing a new order and prevent money loss on credit card fees). Again, just mention this in the request.

Once a refund has been issued, reimbursement occurs in up to eight business hours. The refund amount will be available in your bank account after the refund is processed by the bank. In human language, it means that we have no control over how soon the money is returned to your card, it mainly depends on the eagerness of your bank. Usually, it takes just a day or two, but in some unfortunate cases make take up to 30 days.