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Lo siento, pero no.

Hi Abeldardo!

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but we didn't have any plans to write about Hexagonal architecture. I added it to our backlog, though. So, it might be featured in our future work.


Unfortunately, this button works only for web pages. It's impossible to upload a book file this way, although we'd implement it gladly if we could. In the meantime, I suggest you use the Send to Kindle app from Mac or PC (I'm using it myself), it's super slick and lets you send files to kindle via drag-n-drop.

Thanks, we'll fix that right away!


Please refer to this page regarding information about physical copies of our products:

Thanks a lot for your feedback, Patrick! Hard copies are on our long-term plans.

Hi Luis!

I know that I'm a bit too late with the answer, but a set of TypeScript examples has just been added to our partner project:

Hi Mouad!

The French translation is possible, but not for this project. There's a new take on everything we have here, which is If the French localization will happen, most likely it'll happen there.